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keep 300 kids a night off the streets and into the pool instead!Erin Fogarty


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  • To get more than 200 youth a Friday night into the pool!
  • To build relationships between youth and adults/authority!
  • To provide an environment free from drugs, alcohol, and violence!
  • To create an environment where everyone is welcome, regardless!
  • To inspire others to make a difference!


I'll be hosting Free Teen Swim Nights for all youth aged 12-18 in Moose Jaw and surrounding area every Friday night from 9pm-12am.  The program is geared towards all youth in the community, regardless of gender, race, socio-economic background, skill, and ability. By reducing all possible barriers that may discourage participation, this program hopes to provide a healthy alternative to drugs, alcohol, and violence through sport and recreation. By eliminating admission fees and providing swim wear for those who do not have their own, financial hurdles will be overcome. The goal of this initiative is to engage more than 200 youth in positive physical activity each Friday and to continue this into 2011 (and indefinately!) With hours until midnight, it is believed that youth will be less likely to engage in negative activities after the program is concluded than if such an activity was not available (as is currently the case in the City of Moose Jaw)!

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: I've convinced the City of Moose Jaw to reduce the pool rental fee for the project until the end of the year, with the possibility of extension indefinately as long as I raise money for lifeguards. Because of the AMAZING number of youth coming out so far (300+), the cost of staff is now $500/night!
$ 5,000 To pay lifeguards!

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