A Production house aiming to help young actorsYoussef Camara


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  • To allow young artists to take their first step in the film industry.
  • Inspire the production of innovating films in Quebec.
  • Produce independent films and promote young actors
  • Create jobs for Quebec artists
  • Show the potential of Quebec's film industry


Our mission is to promote young talented people and help them take a first step in the world of cinema. Our company is formed of a qualified and experienced team who will produce and direct films, commercials and video clips for television and the big screen. Our company will provide a little help to young new talents by offering them work (as actors, dancers, etc.). The completed project will make us the only production house in the world with this type of mission and this level of service.

We will also organize activities and festivals to promote our very talented and determined young artists.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The Pepsi budget will not cover everything, and we are also counting on our own money and on a grant we have applied for. And we are already in the process of developing small-budget promotion projects.
$ 18,000 Acquisition of a camera and part of the technical equipment
$ 7,000 To be invested in our first independent film

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