the smart hanger will eliminate wire hangers and refresh the world!Leigh Meadows


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  • To eliminate metal hangers from landfill
  • To provide a unique, creative and effective advertising platform
  • To provide dry cleaners the environmental alternative to metal hangers
  • To provide retailers the opportunity to reduce their waste
  • To give consumers an environmental choice

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The 'smart hanger' project provides an opportunity to eliminate metal hangers from our lives, garbage and landfill.  Made in Canada from 100% recycled paper (FSC approved), 90% post consumer waste, unlike the estimated 350 million metal and plastic hangers that end up in landfill every year, the 'smart hanger', is 100% recyclable in your blue bin.

Supported by advertising dollars, this new, unique and highly effective advertising platform will replace wire hangers currently distributed through dry cleaners and used in retail outlets.

The Refresh Grant will be used to take 'the smart hanger' to market and start making a difference.  We will add an experienced business development person to our team and implement a media campaign to raise awareness of this important initiative.  we already have the product; dry cleaners are looking forward to distributing it.  With Canadian talent this Canadian product will refresh the world!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Inventory Administration & Office Expenses
$ 2,000 Creative design of samples for presentation to advertisers
$ 3,000 media campaign
$ 20,000 Retain experienced business development agent

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