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  • Provide gay men an opportunity to become role models
  • Continue to raise awareness of Homophobia
  • Maintain Canada as a leader in human rights for the LGBTQ community

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Project Summary:

Mr. Gay Canada (MGC) was created in hopes of creating a more positive image for gay men to make a ‘difference’ and be accepted as human beings with equal importance along with their straight counterparts. Through education and public performances
MGC’s goal is to help create positive, authentic and empowered role models that will be a champion for Gay Human Rights within his own community as well as, on a global stage. Through these public performances, outreach and education MGC also raises awareness of Homophobia, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS.

The competitions will take place in cities across Canada with the Final Mr Gay Canada competition taking place in Vancouver.  Competitions include various challenges including a photo challenge, sports challenge, fashion show/runway challenge, swimsuit challenge, public speaking and a local outreach challenge where MGC is able to work with a local charity to give back to the community hosting the competition.

Community Benefit

In all the cities that competitions take place, the competitors and the community will be empowered to be Out & Proud as gay people. This will help create and promote people to be leaders and role models in their own community.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Delegates will not receive any monetary compensation, their participation is completely voluntary. Seed monies will be more than adequate in holding the competition and the remainders will help support the individual organizations across Canada.
$ 10,000 Seed monies for each commmunity to hold competitions
$ 10,000 To provide transportation and housing for delegates
$ 5,000 Marketting and production for final competition

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