Replace aging SCBA Harnesses for the Gibbons Volunteer Fire DepartmentGibbons Volunteer Fire Department


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  • To replace aging SCBA harnesses, making it safer for our fire fighters


Our project to replace the old Self Contained Breathing Apparatus harnesses will help keep our family, friends and neighbors who are our volunteer fire fighters safe and improve performance on the fire ground.

Risks associated with aging harnesses:

- Straps and clasps can fail at any point
- Cracked seals can hinder air delivery to the face piece
- Harness regulators may give improper air pressure readings from the tank
- Bent frames causing the tank to improperly sit on wearer's back causing increased discomfort, making it harder to carry out the tasks required.
- Aged harness are taken out of service more often, decreasing the amount of responders in the hot zone

Benefits of the new technology in today's harnesses:
- Reliable delivery of air to the face piece and accurate pressure readings
- Wider padding at shoulders and waist helping to distribute the weight of the air tank making it more comfortable and easier to move
- Newer harnesses come with built in Personal Alarm Safety Systems

Community Benefit

All of our fire fighters are members of the community and these new harnesses will help keep them safe as well as helping them perform their fire duties more efficiantly. New harnesses will be more reliable meaning less will be taken out of service. This will mean more fire fighters can be ready to go into the hot zone decreasing the time to change out crews and increasing the chances of successful rescue and fire suppression.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Approx 5 new SCBA Harnesses

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