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  • Inspire and empower youth affected by neuromuscular disorders
  • Help youth with disabilities gain skills, confidence & independence
  • Provide educational workshops for youth & families
  • Establish long-lasting community support networks

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Muscular Dystrophy Canada's Youth in Action Conference brings together people affected by neuromuscular disorders from all over Canada to network with peers, build support systems, and develop plans for the future.

Fifty years ago, a when a child was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the prognosis was bleak – most children did not survive to see their twentieth birthday. Today, thanks to ongoing research and advances in clinical care, children with neuromuscular disorders are living longer and healthier lives. They aspire to attend university, develop careers and live independently. But achieving these goals takes courage, confidence and the proper support systems.

Youth In Action is designed to help youth and their families overcome the obstacles and face up to life’s challenges. There will be a mix of educational presentations, interactive sessions and activities – all designed to inspire and empower youth to make life as fulfilling as possible. 

Community Benefit

Having a rare medical condition that affects muscle function and mobility can lead to feelings of isolation and marginalization. Youth in Action tackles these issues by building supportive communities that transcend geography! These networks are formed out of the need to connect with others who share of common experiences. Youth In Action does make a difference! Just ask those who attended the 2008 and 2010 events: In 2008, 87.5% of the youth indicated that the conference was good or excellent in helping them identify ways to become more independent and plan what they want to do in their lives. At the 2010 conference, 90% of participants said it was good or excellent in this regard. Muscular Dystrophy Canada wants to be able to continue to provide these life-changing opportunities – but we need your help! Our government grant has ended, and without new funds, we won’t be able host another Conference. Flex YOUR muscles and vote now!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Salaries, benefits, overhead and travel for Muscular Dystrophy Canada staff participating in planning and implementation; contract event coordinator(s)
$ 40,000 Airfare and ground travel for participants and speakers
$ 45,000 Venue costs (hotel and food and A/V)
$ 10,000 French translation services
$ 5,000 Preparation and printing of materials

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