Open an additional shelter for abused women & children in York Region.Yellow Brick House


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  • Increase number of shelter beds available to abused women & children
  • Provide life-saving services to women & children fleeing violent homes
  • Offer victims of abuse a second chance to rebuild their lives

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The lives of women & children in our community are in danger. Yellow Brick House does not have the capacity to help those who need to escape domestic violence. Your support will help us complete construction of the second Yellow Brick House shelter, and open our doors to victims of domestic violence this year. The Second Shelter, Second Chances capital campaign will accommodate 25 new beds and 6 cribs, allowing us to provide safe shelter to more than 500 women and children annually.

When we open the doors this fall, your support will do so much more than provide emergency shelter – the programs and services offered by Yellow Brick House work to empower women and children who have been abused, and enable them to break free of the cycle of violence. Through counseling and support services, we can rebuild lives that will then build legacies of support for the issue of domestic violence.

Please be the key that opens the door to our second shelter!

Community Benefit

Each year domestic abuse costs Canada over $4.2 billion in social services, criminal justice, lost employment days and healthcare interventions (Stats Canada 2010). The social and economic costs of violence against women are enormous and have ripple effects throughout the community. Domestic abuse does not discriminate – it occurs across all ethnic, racial, age, religions economic and social groups. The victims of domestic abuse are our daughters, sisters, friends, neighbours and co-workers. A second Yellow Brick House emergency shelter will give these women and children a second chance to rebuild their lives and live free of the threat of abuse and violence. In the long term, a second Yellow Brick House emergency shelter will reduce the rate of recidivism, and therefore reduce the social cost of domestic violence to the community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The property for the second Yellow Brick House emergency shelter has been purchased, and renovations and start up capital are required to have the doors open and the shelter operating by September 2011.
$ 60,000 Construction and renovations required to accommodate 25 beds and 6 cri
$ 20,000 Capital required to set-up new shelter (furniture, appliances, securit
$ 15,000 Administration and operating costs
$ 5,000 Public outreach and communications to raise awareness of the programs

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