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  • Create 25 mini documentaries (2-3min) about youth organizations
  • Get these organizations exposure and donations where possible



This project will recognize and support youth-based organizations that are striving to make a difference in Toronto. Typically, these groups have tight budget constraints and limited manpower, yet they survive because they are driven by compassionate, hardworking people.  We want to find 25 amazing organizations in Toronto and help them share their story, reveal their passions and ultimately increase their potential.

How will the 25 organizations be selected?

Half of the organizations will be selected by us and half will be selected by you and your peers through a voting system. 

The Result 

By creating mini documentaries about each of these groups and by using a combination of traditional and viral marketing techniques, we will share their stories globally to increase their exposure and facilitate donations. 

The end result: a heightened awareness of the efforts of your favourite Toronto do-gooders, and a means to help these organizations flourish.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Approximately $1000 to create, distribute and market each of the 25 mini documentaries.
$ 25,000 25 mini docs creation, distribution and marketing

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