Provide support to LBT women experiencing intimate relationship abuse.My Sister's Voice


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  • Provide counselling to 50 LBT women living with abuse
  • Facilitate a monthly support group for LBT women
  • Community outreach to provide education on abuse
  • Attendance at community events such as Durham Pride
  • Development of print material resources for LBT women


The Phoenix Project provides a monthly support group as well as individual counselling sessions for Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans (LBT) women experiencing Intimate Relationship Abuse (IRA).  Services are designed to increase awareness of IRA in the LBT community and offer support and informational services that are sensitive to the unique needs of LBT women. The Myths such as, women are not violent, or abuse cannot occur in same-sex relationships amongst women because they are physically equal, create a barrier to LBT women seeking support when faced with IRA.  Add to that, the fear LBT women face in having to disclose their sexual-orientation, and the likelihood of LBT women reaching out for support is even further reduced.  The Phoenix Project will conduct outreach to agencies serving women dealing with IRA in an effort to increase awareness of LBT women’s unique needs when facing this issue.  

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: other items such as administration cost, advertising and staff will be covered through our annual fundraising budget.
$ 1,200 Facilitation of monthly support group
$ 7,500 Counselling sessions for 50 LBT women
$ 1,300 Attendance at community events

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