Rental of adapted activities in childcare servicesCentre de stimulation l'Envol


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  • Build on the pool of specialized games and the adapted materials.
  • Enhance the know how of teachers
  • Support the development of the capacities of children with disabilities
  • Promote their autonomy.

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The review of the literature on the integration of disabled children in childcare services clearly highlights the challenges that educators who work with children with  communication and behavior disabilities face. They have great needs in terms of support for training and learning activities adapted to children with disabilities, as well as visual supports to facilitate communication. In order to share its expertise, Envol wants to provide guidance and make available to educators its 3000 structured activities and diverse visual tools. The deliverables are: 1.Classification of equipment according to the (35) themes practiced delivered by these services; 2. Elaboration of kits with target content; i.e.: language, mobility, etc 3.Participation of 11 childcare out of 23 (48%); 4.Raise $25000 in donations.

Community Benefit

This project provides structured leverage for the different stakeholders in a community. For children: the project facilitates their integration and promotes the development of their capabilities and their autonomy. - For families: it increases access to childcare and supports the development of parenting skills. - For childcare services: it allows them to make the children aware of the difference, to offer a more adapted programming, and to foster among educators a better understanding of the development of children with special needs.- For l'Envol, the project builds on its pool of activities, it demystifies the "over specialization”of its expertise and ensures active participation in the development of a community. - For the community: it consolidates the possibilities offered by partnerships and provides a safety net in the environement of social services delivered to a vulnerable population. The approach of the project can be implemented in other regions.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 8,000 Project Manager (part-time)
$ 1,500 Adaptation of the equipment (duplication)
$ 500 Spreading of the information (brochure, video)

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