Replace unrepairable band equipment for a youth brass band. 754 Phoenix Air Cadets


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  • Purchase new band equipment



The Plan is to turn no Cadet away who wants to join Band. Our Squadron is 45 years-old, it is time to to replace existing musical instruments. We repair and maintain our equipment regularly however, our equipment is no longer repairable. We have some instruments on loan from the Department of National Defense however, these will be taken from us before our Cadet year ends. Some of our new Cadets do not have an instument to play. The rental stores do not have the instruments we need and we dont have the funds necessary to rent them.  Our Squadron saw an increase in growth by 60 Cadets this year with 15 new Cadets joining band. Our youth stay in Cadets on average five to seven years giving them an oppourtunity to serve their community during their crucial developing years. The band takes part in community events such as Remembrance Day Parades, Vetrens Parades and Vigils as well as commpetions with other Squadrons.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 Purchase new band equipment

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