SWIM TO YOUR DREAMS Quebec - Swimming to Matane July 19 - August 5,2021 Heidi Levasseur


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  • Inspiring the surpassing of one self to young people of Quebec
  • Raise $ 25,000 for organizations in the Lower St. Lawrence & Mauricie
  • Raise population's awareness on the importance of water
  • Promote tourist attractions in the Lower St-Lawrence Mauricie
  • Present motivational lectures to Quebec schools and businesses

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This projects covers the course of the St. Lawrence  between Quebec City and Matane. A premiere in history. The main objectives of this event are educational and environmental: the surpassing of one self and the awareness of the importance of water in our lives. As part of this event and under the theme: WATER, MERMAID OF OUR LIFE we suggest the following activities:

-Departure/arrival in DUPLEX from the Mauricie. Sports activities related to the theme.  -Descent of the St Lawrence by the MERMAID OF THE WATERS (Heidi) from Quebec to Matane. 13 days-5 to 6 hours - 295km  -Along the route, messages from the people, in a GIANT BOTTLE OF WATER -Signing of a GIANT MERMAID and COLLECTING DONATIONS at each stop-off city -Motivational lectures offered to Quebec schools and businesses

Community Benefit

This national project is intended to spark economical development, it is important to companies and organizations of the Lower St.Lawrence and Mauricie who are participating in the event. During this journey, the attractions of these regions will be featured through national media coverage. In addition, the number of stop-off cities will allow several charity organisations in the participating regions to benefit from the fundraising. Finally, everybody's participation in the challenge activities (bottle, giant mermaid and fundraising) will have direct effects on the community and environment.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,380 Sports equipment (shirts, sunglasses, clothes)
$ 3,000 Rental of equipment (boats, kayaks, motorized)
$ 620 Accommodation and specific food for swimmers

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