Cycle Across Canada raise awareness funds for Diabetes and AboriginalsDarin Corbiere or Wah bem kohns (Little White Bear)


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  • Educate First Nations about healthy choices.
  • Teach about practical methods to control diabetes.
  • Raise as much money as possible to help with the first two goals.

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I will be cycling across Canada, meeting with citizens of First Nations and providing them with pamphlets and brochures of information about preventing or minimizing the effects of Diabetes.  I hope to be able to provide a role model about how an active lifestyle can lead to better health.  

I will be cycling from St Johns Newfoundland to the Saanich First Nation on Vancouver Island.  I will be leaving St Johns on June 21, planning to arrive in Saanich on August 18th, about 60 days from start to finish.  

I will have a group of four young people as a staff who will be responsible for services in support of the ride, such as driving the "chase car" and arranging for stops along the way.  

The intent is to raise money for the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association so that they may continue their good work in teaching Canadians, all Canadians about the effects of this disease and what they we can do to prevent or even eliminate Diabetes.  Ahow!  miigwetch

Community Benefit

The benefits will be over the long term. Increased general health of Aboriginal people will result in less of a burden on the Health Care system, which currently pays for alleviating symptoms of the disease AFTER diagnosis. I prefer a PROACTIVE approach, to raise awareness of what the disease is, and what each of us can d to prevent it from happening.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Salaries for student assistants. Vehicle maintenance, laundry, flights.
$ 3,500 Vehicle rental
$ 3,500 Fuel
$ 6,000 Food for staff
$ 3,000 Internet and Technical services
$ 5,000 marketing products ( pamphlets, caps etc)
$ 4,000 Accommodations

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