provide under-privileged children education, sport & healthy living The Newbridge Foundation for Academic and Athletic Excellence


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  • Raise funds to purchase 2 school buses
  • Reduce obesity and promote healthy living for children and youth


We are looking to raise funds for a minimum of 2 school buses to provide transportation for everyone who is interested in attending a school that focuses on athletics, academics, healthy living, and healthy choices. These buses will be used to provide transportation to under-priviledged children and youth who are looking for a school experience including both athletics and academics that they could not attend elsewhere. 

These school buses would pick up children and youth who have no way to school so they can participate in sports, recreation, teambuilding activities, and healthy living.

Our main goals are to reduce obesity in children and youth and promote healthy living.


Community Benefit

Our project will help reduce obesity in children and youth by introducing them to many different sports, activities, gym games, nutrition information, healthy choices, and more!

How will the $100K be used?

$ 50,000 1 School Bus
$ 50,000 1 School Bus

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