make online bullying uncool worldwide and end it.Braeden Jones


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  • Make Online Bullying Uncool
  • End Online Bullying


I want to create a youth friendly website and entire online presence that puts the battle on cyberbullying into everyone's hands and develop a culture where being against online bullies is trendy. I want to make a website that is awesome, my plan is that kids will be so attracted to the idea that they will want to be a part of what is cool; that being, being against online bullies. 

"NoOB: No Online Bullying"  is the name of my proposed non-profit.

There are many places to visit on the web that can give you help. My goal is to better educate people on the reality and effects of online bullying and end it by making it uncool. I would do so by trying to pass the word along through social networks, providing those against online bullying with a means of proclomation of said feelings. A purple logo or badge in the corner of a forum to symbolize NO online bullies were allowed there, a purple x on a facebook profile picture... I want to create a huge trend of being against bullies!

Community Benefit

Ending internet harrassment/ online bullying is good for everyone. It has to stop. By having websites take a NoOB Pledge and mark their site, parents and kids would recognize it was a safe domain. By all of your friends being a part of the NoOB movement, you would want to do the same. THe community benefit of this project is the systematic disarming of online bullies and building a safer internet for all.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,000 Television and Radio Advertising
$ 2,000 Assembling and distributing information packages for High-schools
$ 1,000 More Advertising Online
$ 1,000 Web-Hosting and maintenance costs

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