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  • To engage 20,000 students to participate in a week of non-violence
  • To promote respect and consideration through Random Acts of Kindness

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In 2010, 25 elementary schools representing 10,000 students in Durham Region pledged their support of the YWCA Durham’s First Annual Week Without Violence Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Nearly 10,000 students recorded 7,201 random acts of kindness during the week.

In 2011, with the help of the Pepsi Refresh Project, we plan to engage 20,000 students in the YWCA Durham's 2nd Annual Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Each school simply submits the number of kindness acts that were reported during the week as well as the total population of the school. The school with the highest proportionate number of acts, to students, will be named Durham Region’s Kindest School. 

With limited resources in 2010 we were only able to accommodate elementary schools having to regrettably turn away high schools. We were thrilled with the level of participation however additional funding would allow expansion for all students from Kindergarten through to University.

Community Benefit

Making our Schools Safer - In a recent survey, 90% of students want schools to play an active role in raising awareness about violence and promoting alternative conflict resolution strategies. Experience has shown us young people are interested in learning how to be non-violent. We also know that young people are very involved in affecting change in their communities and have lots to contribute. Through Random Acts of Kindness, young people are learning to resolve issues without resorting to aggressive behaviour. Feedback from our 2010 challenge included comments from principals praising the intrinsic value of the kindness challenge. Not only were schools impacted by the acts of kindness, members of the community benefited as well. Some acts were coordinated efforts by many participants to bring joy to community partners such as the students who carved pumpkins for local senior homes. We were thrilled to learn how this challenge inspired students exponentially in the long term.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: We believe the budget we have developed covers the basics.
$ 500 Posters & Promotional Materials for schools
$ 3,500 Purchase of ad in local paper.
$ 1,000 Awards & Recognition for Kindest Schools

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