help send our talented youth riders to horseback riding competitions.Oakley Stables


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  • To fundraise to send our students to horseshows during Summer 2011

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While our riders are talented and devoted, they often lack the funding they need to go to large competitions. Horseback riding is their love and we believe all children can benefit from competition. Being in the barn keeps these kids fit, and keeps them out of trouble, as well as builds their self-confidence and everlasting friendships. Nothing builds memories like trudging through the dark at 6 am to go clean stalls and feed the horses, or helping your friend off the ground after an unfortunate spill.

We fundraise constantly with our own small shows, pony rides and bake sales, but it doesn't cover everything. This grant will support:

- Vaccinations for the horses

- Gas for the trucks and trailers to haul the horses to shows

- Registration fees for shows and memberships

- Upgrades to our own facilities so our riders can better practice, such as a barrel racing timer and pole-bending poles

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget money will not be used to cover individual rider insurance or clothing for riders.
$ 1,000 Veterinary care for the horses
$ 1,000 Show registration fees
$ 1,000 Incidentals such as fuel
$ 2,000 Tack and facility upgrades

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