Raising awareness about differences: play and school workshopsTroupe de théâtre Réplic-A


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  • Bring students to be more tolerant of differences.
  • Defend the place of theatre place in education
  • Allow students to discover theatre (hobby, talent...)

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The project which is entitled “Un monde de différences” (A World of Differences) is designed mainly for high schools. It is a play about bullying and intolerance to differences. It takes place in three parts: presentation the play, discussion on the play, and workshops. The topic of the play is a reality for many students, and it has become a preoccupying issue for high school workers. The project is designed to respond to needs in the school environment. The discussion encourages students to express their feelings and to find solutions. The workshops allow students to experiment theatre and to develop abilities in accordance to the needs defined by teachers.

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$ 2,000 40 hours of rehearsal (space rental)
$ 2,000 sets, costumes, technique
$ 1,000 printing, travel, ads

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