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  • Buy 7 speech generating devices for our FREE equipment loan program

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Imagine being trapped in silence with no speech, no sign language and unable to write.

OARC loans speech-generating devices to Manitobans without speech so they can find a new way to talk. Being able to speak with a device makes everyday interactions possible - the things that most of us take for granted such as saying good morning or asking for directions or help. People who use our services most commonly have no speech from birth (e.g. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Development Delay) or have lost their speech to an accident or disease (e.g. head and spine injuries, stroke, cancer, ALS, MS and Parkinson's).

What is a Speech Generating Device? They are 'talking computers' used by people with communication challenges. (e.g. Stephen Hawking uses a speech generating device)

Buying 7 new devices that will provide 28 loans per year. Most devices have a four-year life span meaning the devices will directly impact 112 families, and their community, during their useable life.


Community Benefit

As a loan program, our devices have a on-going benefit to the community, not just to one individual. With four loan periods in a year, we provided 700 device loans in our last fiscal year. Imagine being 13 and saying thank you on Christmas morning for the first time because you finally have a voice. What would it be like as a parent to hear "I love you mom and dad!" for the first time. Without a voice, how do say you are thirsty, and ask for a Pepsi? When we hear someone's thoughts and feelings, we realize their many abilities and our opinions change. Using their communication device, people with impaired speech can more fully and independently participate wherever they are - in the classroom, workplace, home or community. They can have a conversation, order their own meal at a restaurant and express their opinion on anything and everything from the news, to your new outfit or to how excited they are that OARC received $25K from the Pepsi Refresh grant.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: 100% of the grant will be used to buy new devices for our loan program. Operating costs (salaries, rent etc.) are paid through an agreement with our provincial government. The upgrade of our library is an ongoing process because of the wear and tear on devices and changes in available technology.
$ 15,000 Replace 4 devices that are at end of service life
$ 10,000 Buy 3 new devices to keep up with tech. changes

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