Give a voice to At Risk Youth through a professional music recording.PlanIt Sound


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  • To give a voice to At Risk Youth in the community through music.
  • To give At Risk Youth the experience of professional music recording.
  • To expose their discovered talent on a world-wide commercial level.
  • To address social issues amonth youth like Bullying and Addictions

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Using 10 years experience and networks in the social work industry, coupled with 12 years of marketing, advertising, and music production experience, we will oversee and execute all aspects of the talent scouting, professional recording, and commercial release of the above mentioned Pepsi Refresh project.

This will be a full-length urban album release, uniquely featuring local professional recording artists and at risk youth.  This project will expose at risk youth in the community of Edmonton, Alberta to the process of professionally recorded project, and in turn give these at risk youth a voice in the community on a national and global scale.

By providing youth an outlet for positive musical expression, it will keep them off the streets, and tackle social issues like bullying and addictions.  Their music will be a platform to speak on their life experiences, raising awareness for their daily struggles, telling a story that will have a universal appeal. 

Community Benefit

The community would benefit greatly from this project on many levels. First, the at risk youth in the community would have the experience of professionally recording and showcasing their musical talents while engaging them in more positive and healthy activities. Second, the community of Edmonton would benefit from these at risk youth engaging in more positive and healthy behaviors and activities, and not engaging in negative behaviors on the streets of the community. Finally, the nation, expanding into world wide exposure of Young Touchables would benefit from this project because the artists and project themes of the songs would address relevant issues among youth like abuse and bullying, giving the artists at platform for raising global awareness on these subjects through their own personal experiences expressed throughout the album.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Some services not covered by the budget, and donated by participants are; graphic design of CD and promo material, promotional merchandise, venue expenses for concert CD release, media kit and bio with professional pictures, upkeep of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn.
$ 7,125 Studio time with Enigineer included, 5 hrs/song, $95/hr
$ 3,000 Music and producers
$ 800 Tape and supplies incl equipment rental
$ 1,500 Musicians, 2hrs/song, $25/hr, x 2 musicians
$ 1,000 Travel of out of town youth artists in surrounding areas
$ 1,800 Mixing and mastering
$ 1,775 CD pressing, 1000 copies for street promo and concerts
$ 4,600 Radio campaigns on Hot 107 and 91.7 The Bounce
$ 2,500 Bus Benches advertising
$ 900 Print promo materials, flyers, posters, on-line

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