help build a play structure at my daughter's school.Rockcliffe Park Public School Parent Council


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  • Help fund a new play structure for the school children.

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We are in the process of applying for funding to replace the play structure that was removed last year.  Right now, the children have no structure whatsoever; the old one was removed for safety concerns, and neither the school nor the board can afford to replace it.  We will perform research to ensure we not only get maximum play value, but minimal environmental impact as well (no hazardous chemicals).  We will give bonus marks to manufacturers who use recycled and/or sustainable materials, and if we possibly can, will erect a structure that is barrier free for kids with disabilities.

Our hope is to have the structure in place by Spring 2011.  It will benefit the school children by providing a safe and fun area to exercise, and the greater community as well, since the playground is often in use after hours and on weekends.

Just check out the photos of the poor tots trying to have fun where the play structure used to be!

Community Benefit

Rockcliffe Park Public School (RPPS) is in an older suburb of Ottawa, but also serves the downtown neighbourhoods of Lowertown, Sandy Hill, and New Edinburgh. The playground is frequently used after hours and on weekends by neighbourhood kids, and is in heavy use during the school year. Without a quality play structure, kids enjoy less physical activity, and are less likely to develop their gross motor skills. If we can erect a safe and fun structure, it will benefit the school children by promoting exercise, cooperation, and most of all fun and good times. The entire neighbourhood also stands to gain, since the structure will hold not only visual appeal, but a great place for kids to enjoy the outdoors. Please help put the smiles back on the kids in the photos!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Our entire budget will go toward purchasing and installing the best structure we can get. No one working on the project stands to benefit in any way, except for the satisfaction of doing something for the kids and the neighbourhood.
$ 17,500 partial funding of new play structure
$ 7,500 installation of play structure

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