Creation and layout of a water park in ParisvilleLes Loisirs de Parisville Inc.


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  • Create a safe water park.
  • Prepare a budget to achieve our project.
  • Design plans and prepare estimates within our budget.
  • Get in touch with support people.
  • Gather $100.000 from sponsorship, donations and fundraisings.


Creating a water park has become our clear-cut goal. As several young families have recently moved into our neighborhood, our municipality is gradually growing and we want to provide its residents with a place where we could all refresh ourselves during the hot summer days.  Around 25 young children ages 5 to 12 use the playground and attend the day camp in summer. We would like them and all other residents in our municipality to have access to a water park that all could enjoy. We are working hard to maintain and offer suitable and safe facilitiese and we want to continue moving towards our goal!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The proposed budget will not cover plumbing expenses, electricity and excavation or the construction of the electric room and the purchase of concrete.
$ 25,000 Purchase of play modules for the water park.

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