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  • To raise enough money to purchase a second property.

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Over the last year, we created a ‘home’ for two families by buying and renovating a building in the village of Haliburton, Ontario. This was done almost entirely by volunteers and based on the efforts of many individuals, groups and businesses within our small community, and we are happy to say that both of the families are doing very well. We would like to draw on the success of this first project in order to once again purchase a property and create a home for families in need. Our unique model for creating affordable rental housing in a rural area goes beyond merely providing a roof over a family’s head to also offering support to them through various aspects of their lives. We are very excited about looking for another property, and the funds from Pepsi will enable us to start that process.


How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: We will apply these funds to our existing mortgage, which will enable us, finanically, to look at another property.
$ 100,000 To enable us to start the process of purchasing another home.

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