Create a televison series where Canadians can realise their dreams. CHICA FILMS


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  • To produce a TV series that makes Canadian’s dreams come true!

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DARE TO DREAM” is an idea for a hot new half-hour Lifestyle Television Series. Each week join our dynamic duo, Cristina Menz and Rob Monk, as they guide one lucky participants towards their ultimate fantasy. 

Have you ever had a dream that you thought would never come true? Would you like your hopes and aspirations to become a reality? If you are 8 or 80, no dream is unattainable. Whether you wish to start a reptile farm, get married while bungee jumping, or get reunited with a lost loved one... we will make it happen! 

In each episode, candidates will be taken on a wild and exciting journey by our "dream makers", where they will acquire the tools needed to achieve their vision, proving that anyone can live their dream!” 

“DARE TO DREAM” transforms people's lives from the ordinary to the EXTRAordinary! “Carpe diem”

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Budget Notes: Lighting, paying the crew, travel expenses, advertising, sets, advertising, and camera & film equipment are the bulk of the cost.
$ 100,000 To produce a new TV Series.

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