TAP THE MAP...provide integrated arts for all of Canada!Turn Around Projects of the Arts


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  • Connect and strengthen communities through various arts projects
  • Create a TAP THE MAP mural with all participating communities
  • Create a reciprocal exchange between participants
  • Get TAP on the Canada map!
  • Return to each of the communities

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The TAP THE MAP Project is a combination of unique arts projects which fuse artists with participants from across the country to impart skills from five different art disciplines including visual art, music, dance, drama, and creative writing.

The TAP THE MAP Project will provide free intregrated arts programs to a community in each province and territory in Canada. Teams will consist of 6 people (intregrated arts programmers and professional artsists) that will travel at least 2 communities of the journey.
We will also be bringing along a blank canvas with us, where each community will compose their own part of the TAP THE MAP Mural.

After we have "TAPPED THE MAP" , one person will be selected by each community to come to Hamilton, Ontario for a final 5 day workshop. This is when TAP participants from around the country can meet each other.

We will also be bringing a video crew with us to document our journey.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: 1&5. Hire 2 members of TAP to work on recruitment, seeking out communities, arranging travel, etc. 2. TAP House rent payments 3. Art Supplies, Transportation, Food, Shelter ($5000 per community) 4. Hire 1-2 people to travel with TAP for the entire project 6. Supplies or extra cost during TAP THE MAP
$ 2,500 Administrative Assistant
$ 20,000 Capacity Building
$ 65,000 Running Project TAP THE MAP (art supplies, shelter, food) in 13 com
$ 5,000 Video Documentation Team
$ 2,500 Project Coordinator
$ 5,000 Miscellaneous

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