Initiate a rediscovery campDean Nelson


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  • build a cabin on our selected site.


Build the cabin to have a place to base our activities.

To have camps that address youth's needs,self esteemetc.

The communites will become richer having the youth accepting more responsible leadership roles.

Our goal is to have a place for people to go to make changes in their lives.  

Community Benefit

The community and communities surrounding this area will benefit from this project greatly by being able to take part in assisting people especially young people become better citizens and leaders of their communities.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the amount that needs to be secured to pay for the walls of the cabin.The roof and floor materials have been payed for through a previous local grant.
$ 3,000 camp build,trails,bridges
$ 1,000 chainsaw,tools
$ 1,000 helicopter time to fly materials to site

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