To launch my recording studio and promote new artists. Megan Lortitch


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  • To purchase the recording equipment
  • To promote my artistic vision
  • To help other artists who share the passion



My project is designed to help those who are passionate about music, writing and dance. My main goal is to start a record label and help artists evolve but also help the fans. I would like to share my knowledge of the arts, my vision. I need a helping hand to get funds for the audio and video equipment needed to follow my dream and produce art pieces. The recordings and productions will first help me to promote very talented new artists by creating mixes, shows and video clips. Then, with the experience and investments I will build, step by step, my record label and live my dream and my only reason for living.

Community Benefit

To help artists who have no access to production, to promote our community talents, to provide innovation, accessibility and hope.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Costs will not cover most of the investments that will have to be made as time goes on, but I need this money to start living my dream.
$ 5,000 Recording equipment

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