Re-Pairs, a place of artistic expressionCentre N A Rive


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  • Involve 30 youths in the field of arts
  • Develop and promote artistic development and creativity
  • Provide a venue offering an opportunity to exchange and socialize
  • To revive and strengthen the communication skills of young adults

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The Re-Pairs project targets, in particular, young adults who are poorly educated and who are having difficulty integrating themselves in a socio-professional life. I would like to implement an artistic expression project at the NA Rive Centre that would offer various dance, theater, singing, poetry and slam workshops in the goal of producing a variety show. This project could help these young adults break their isolation and develop skills and abilities that would be transferable to the job market. Although the Centre has a room, it would need to be converted and renovated in order to conduct the workshops.

1 room, minimum 60 visitors

30 young adults participating in the project from beginning to end

- $300 donations from visitors

How will the $25K be used?

$ 14,364 Trainers' fees: stage director, singer and choreographer
$ 3,000 Lighting, small stage, 6 mics, curtains to cover the stage
$ 3,000 Paint for the room
$ 2,000 Promotion (flyers to promote the show)

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