HELP Qualicum Cat Rescue GROW so they can RESCUE more CATS Qualicum Cat Rescue


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  • Build additional space to rescue more cats & kittens
  • Increase "Kit & Kaboodle" program to benefit more mom-cats & kittens

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Redesign & renovate an upper floor of the existing facility for a recovery & play room for kittens & cats, with more kennels and an enclosed glass area for safe isolation for new cats with unknown health conditions.

This addition to the current facility will help accommodate expansion the of the very successful, proactive "Kit & Kaboodle" program for pet owners and homeless mother cats.  This program allows mother cats to nurse their kittens until they are 8 weeks old, then all kittens are spayed & neutered before adoption.  The mother cat receives free vaccines and free spaying.  This helps lessen any financial reasons or burdens that may otherwise deter the owner of a pregnant cat to vaccinate and spay her and spay & neuter the kittens.  The cycle closes and unnecessary future suffering is alleviated a little bit more, with a few less "unplanned" kittens & cats to live neglected, abused and unhealthy lives.

Community Benefit

Qualicum and Port Alberni are located in a temperate rainforest where the average temperature is nice enough for just about any life to flourish, which includes stray and abandoned cats. There is an overabundance of stray and abandoned cat populations in our communities that not only suffer from hunger and lack of affection, many endure terrible pain from injury and disease. Unfortunately, feline diseases are more of a risk for healthy cats, with good homes in our communities, because of this. Port Alberni is one of the most poverty stricken communities in Canada that benefits from Qualicum Cat Rescue's crucial spay and neuter program. By increasing capacity with an expansion to the existing facility, more help to rescue more cats will happen. Stray and abandoned cat populations will decrease and there will be less suffering. More proactive programs will be implemented.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The General Contractor who will organize the labour and materials is not included in this budget however, this will not hinder the project because these services have been donated. Marketing is not in this budget but, our communities are fairly small, in great need and word of mouth will reach many.
$ 60,000 Labour, Materials & Equipment
$ 30,000 More veterinary care, medical supplies, medicine/vaccines
$ 10,000 More food, litter/boxes, hygiene supplies, bedding

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