open a Performing Arts Centre in Mtl for youth from all walks of lifeOverture With The Arts


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  • Open a performing arts centre
  • Provide low-cost training & scholarships to youth
  • Provide mentorship opportunities for youth with industry professionals
  • Educate youth about the business of the entertainment industry



Project Summary:

‘Overture With The Arts’ was established to coach and mentor English speaking youth in the performing arts sector. This is done through instruction in all aspects of the entertainment industry including elements of performance as well as business related courses.

The performing arts centre will be a place that encourages youth to participate in performing arts courses in a safe and creative environment. Additionally, a theatre space will be created to allow youth to showcase their artistic creations to the public.


  • 1 Performing arts centre
  • 150-200 youth participating in our programs each year

Community Benefit

The city of Montreal is filled with talented, artistic youth. However, there are many youth who show a lot of promise, but cannot afford to take courses to help nuture their talent. The ‘Overture With The Arts’ performing arts centre will be a hub for all youth to come and train as they receive guidance from our seasoned professionals.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 45,000 Renovations
$ 4,000 Computers
$ 300 Printer/fax/scanner/copier
$ 7,500 Audio equipment
$ 200 Telephones
$ 1,500 Lighting rig
$ 10,000 Furniture
$ 30,000 Creation of a theatre space
$ 1,500 Outdoor signage

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