Build a community skatepark & playground in Shelburne, N.S.Our House Youth Wellness Centre


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  • To promote physical and social heath in Shelburne, N.S.


Due to the rapidly increasing obesity rate in the province, there is a strong need for activities that promote physical activity in our area. Building a skate park for youth and a playground for children, along with exercise equipment for adults, would promote social and physical health for all ages.
Currently it is a safe, open area with two large trees and a small cement slab with wooden skateboarding equipment. Due to the aging wood, the town has deemed it unsafe and will be removing it in Spring, with no plans to rebuild. Skateboarding is a popular activity in the area, but without a local skatepark, there is a greater chance of youth resorting to private property or unsafe areas of town to skateboard. This green area is located on King Street, the main street of Shelburne, allowing easy access and decreasing chances of vandalism.
Obtain permission to build (Permission already granted)
Design Park Layout
Purchase and install equipment

Community Benefit

This project would provide local business and temporary employment while it is being built. The park would promote physical activity and act as a social gathering place for all members of its community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Land will be provided by the town. The money saved from materials that fell below our budget costs will be used for the park opening day, where we hope to have a big celebration picnic and give away several skateboards to children who do not have one.
$ 10,000 Cement slab for skate park
$ 55,000 playground equipment
$ 15,000 Durable skateboarding equipment
$ 15,000 Fencing, picnic tables and park benches
$ 5,000 gravel and wooden frame around playground

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