Bring Red Rock 'N' Roller Derby to CharlottetownErin Gillespie


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  • To bring Red Rock 'N Roller Derby to Charlottetown
  • To purchase "Fresh Meat" Packages for league rental
  • To access training/coaching from our neighbouring leagues



We want Red Rock 'N Roller Derby league in Charlottetown!
Roller Derby is a contact sport for women (19+ to play, any age or gender to volunteer with us) which builds confidence & promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Currently, there is no league in the entire province of Prince Edward Island and we already have the support of our neighbouring leagues to get started (ie. Muddy River Rollers in Moncton, NB have already come to our first meet and greet).
We hope to not only secure a location to skate but we will be able to purchase extra gear to be made available (for lend or rent) so more people are able to participate without worrying about the initial investment in safety gear. 

With funding, we will have access to additional training/coaching by other leagues over the course of our first year. As well, it will offset the cost of purchasing uniforms & initial advertising.

Getting fit while having fun; it's time to wake up Charlottetown to one of coolest sports.

Community Benefit

Roller derby promotes physical activity amongst 19+ women and men. Although women will be the players on this team, we will rely heavily on volunteers (both men and women) as referees, coaches, etc. Aside from the health benefits of physical activity, this league will have a positive impact on the local economy by utilizing local print, sport & clothing (costume) shops. As a non-profit organization, the league will be involved in the community with fundraising and open practices.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget does not include graphic design (including logo design, website,etc) nor practice space rental.
$ 3,300 To purchase 10 "Fresh Meat" Packages (includes safety gear,skates)
$ 1,000 Access training/coaching from neighbouring leagues
$ 500 Uniforms
$ 200 Initial Advertising

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