Bring the community more activities for visitors of all ages to enjoyRotary Centre for the Arts


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  • Bring community more activities for all ages and abilities to enjoy
  • Rejuvenate the “Live After 5” weekly summer program
  • Hire a professional community program coordinator to develop programs
  • Expand growth of 100,000 new visitors
  • Improve participation with outreach to diverse segments of Community

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We would hire a professional community program coordinator to develop and program specific activities and improve participation in the programs being offered with outreach to diverse segments of the Community. We need to offer more intergenerational programming to meet the current needs.   

We would rejuvenate the “Live After 5” weekly program & hire local artists to perform for the public for free, every Thursday at 5. This will facilitate the development and establishment of our local musicians to find their audience.

At present we have 250,000 people come to the RCA per year. We have over 3000 room rentals and about 200 show nights in the theatre, all of this is only 60% of the facility capacity. This grant will allow us to expand our program offerings to meet the communities need and expand growth to 100,000 new visitors to the Centre in the next year.      

Community Benefit

As the world becomes higher tech there is a contrasting need for more opportunities for people to come together as community. The programs we have, and require more of, are a vital element of community development. Our centre offers intergenerational programming in the arts; with more attention and focus to reaching out into the community, we will improve participation in the programs being offered as well as outreach to the diverse segments of the Community. We are already becoming the hub for arts and creativity and we need to offer enough programs to meet the current needs. There is diversity needed in the programming in order to reach a larger audience.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: It will not cover existing operational expenses such as building costs and room rentals
$ 50,000 Hire a professional community program coordinator to develop & program
$ 5,000 Program materials and expenses
$ 30,000 Artists Fees / Performance Fees
$ 15,000 Publicize programs

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