ONYX Teen Girls Program, empowering teens to have their voices heardSAFFRON Centre Ltd.


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  • To empower young women
  • To provide skills for critical thinking
  • To guide positive decision making

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‘ONYX’ has been provided at SAFFRON for the past 3 years assisting teen girls to take a proactive look at the challenges they face on a daily basis in today’s society.  Participants are dealing with many difficult life challenges and ONYX gives them a voice to address some of the mixed messages that they are receiving through various forms of media including television, internet, music and print. ONYX aims to help young women become consciously aware of the gender stereotyping and underlying messages that are portrayed every day through the media contributing to a distorted sense of self and inaccurate creation of identity that can result in a low self esteem.  ONYX was created to address these issues, to empower young women to have their voices heard; to provide them with the skills to think critically; and guide them in making positive decisions in their lives.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 16,250 direct program staff
$ 5,000 administration/support staff
$ 1,500 onsite therapist
$ 1,000 project supplies
$ 400 food
$ 850 travel/mileage

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