Short Circuit Dream Fund

host a concert, helping to make the dreams of sick kids come true!Short Circuit Dream Fund


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  • To raise a large amount of money for the Short Circuit Dream Fund
  • Engage the youth of the province of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Show the youth and the rest of the province what SCDF is
  • Create a youth focused fundraiser that can continue for future years

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****Bands listed can vary depending the time the concert happens. This is an example.****

These acts are very popular at this time and should easily make for a sold out show.  We are currently looking at a ¾ Venue set-up at Mile One Centre which can hold up to 4400 people. 

The Expenses


  • Boys Like Girls 
  • Faber Drive
  • These Kids Wear Crowns
  • Neon Trees

Mile One Centre    

Audio Visual

Total Expenses: approx $181,000 

The Income

Since the acts in either option are popular at this time, tickets could be sold for a relatively high rate, possibly $59.99.  For the same reason, the event should be a sell-out show with an attendance of 4400.  Using these figures, the gross income from the event would be $263,956.  Even with an attendance as low as 3500, the event could bring in $209,965.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: We would still have to find other sponsors, however this will be much easier with the Pepsi grant.
$ 100,000 go towards the upfront cost of booking the bands as listed above

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