assist with the purchase of a residence to house homeless young men Windsor Residence for Young Men


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  • Provide safe and supportive housing
  • Offer quality programming and access to community resources
  • Teach life skills and instill self reliance and confidence
  • Raise community awareness about youth homelessness

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WRYM's residential program is a supervised residential life skills training program in which residents reside at the residence for at least three months.  During their stay they will have access to the following program services to assist them with developing independent living skills:

A residential living environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle
Counselors on site 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Individual counseling and case management
Family counseling
Family services and after-care to facilitate a successful transition from WRYM to home (if applicable)
Community referals (e.g. substance abuse and mental health counseling and/or treatment)
Liaison with school and/or employer
Crisis intervention
Independent living skills: goal setting, responsible decision making, problem solving, anger/stress management, food management and nutrition, employment preparation, financial responsibility and money management, personal hygiene, realtionship skills, household management

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: staffing costs administrative costs utilities and housing costs
$ 100,000 towards purchase of residence

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