Encourage seniors to get involved to reduce risk of social isolationVV'S Adult Day Support Centre


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  • To provide services that prevent or delay placement in an institution.
  • To provide programs that prevent secondary disabilities from occurring
  • Assist in picking up individuals and taking to doctors appointments.
  • Hiring appropriate staff to assist in recreational activities.


VV'S Adult Day Support Centre is a community based business located in Pickering, Ontario with the focus of providing support care for the elderly by assisting in the co-ordination of transportation to doctor and other medical/dental appointments. This Centre will provide services for individuals 60 years of age and older recovering from accidents or health problems. Deliverables: - target nursing homes, social services, hospitals, senior centres, local real estate agencies and local churches will help to make individuals aware of the services provided. - placing advertisements in the yellow pages under various headings dealing with community support centres and senior centres. - direct mail through Val-Pak and Action Pak will result in the advertising going directly to individual homes. - $3,000 in donations from individuals and fundraising, part-time and volunteer help.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 For staff, transportation to/from doctors and activities.

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