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SIFE BCIT is a student run organization based out of Burnaby BC. It was established as a means for BCIT students from all disciplines to exercise the skills that they acquire in the classroom. SIFE completes its projects in real world setting with tangible results. Giving its members hands on experiences with real consequences and rewards.

SIFE is dedicated to creating sustainable economic opportunity for British Columbia citizens. Through community outreach programs and educational workshops, we strive to create a difference that positively impacts every person involved. 

We've created $826,200 in economic activity, impacted 101,369 people, donated 10,000+ in volunteer hours, and support 13 projects including:

The Campus Investor Program
The Lions Liar Program
The Empower Program
The Honour House Program
Spring Living Fair
Fuse Gala
Mind Works

For more information about our projects, see our annual report at!/SIFEBCIT?v=app_7146470109&ref=ts

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: To fund projects, we rely heavily on support from the community. SIFE BCIT will be able to increase the amount entrepreneurship contestants are awarded at the end of different projects, making their business ventures more achievable and sustainable.*We new recruits in order to maintain our programs.
$ 14,000 Fund Projects
$ 2,000 Recruitment of new SIFE BCIT members
$ 5,000 SIFE BCIT Student Bursaries for returning students
$ 4,000 National Competition

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