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  • Create new industry and jobs for disabled and homeless vets.
  • Provide seat cushions for helicopters and combat vehicles (MRAP
  • Provide cushions to 125 Million civilians who sit while working.
  • Provide cushions to 60 million retired persons who also sit a lot.
  • Provide a project for 38 million self employed persons who sew.


Pepsi refresh everything $250K March contest winner ; "Is providing comfort items for recovering wounded troops." Now, a versatile idea like ours may be what's needed to create jobs for them, boost our consumer economy, commerce, retail, and exports while reducing health care cost.  This innovative preventative safety device may be, 'the next 'Big Idea'. Our super comfortable device supports four sales models;

Model 1: It's a 'ready to use' covered seat and back rest, a significant improvement over what's in stores now.

Model 2: A Sew-your-own-covering 'Kit' with simple 1 hr. pattern to make or gift to family and friends or start a sew n'sell business.

Model 3: For upholsterers to custom install into your cars, trucks, RVs, boats, aircraft, heavy equipment, office, home, porch, patio, casinos, stadiums and cruise ships.

Model 4: For seat and chair manufacturers to improve their core product with the latest ergonomic design. All field tested, proven and ready to market.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Minimizing fossil fuel use is our green strategy. We'll Closely manage fulfillment process using dedicated owner-operator truckers, who like light regional runs. When possible no more six day rounds to the west coast, the old fossil fuel burning way of transporting from a single production facility.
$ 2,400 Professionally finish the existing website, add video, e-commerce acct
$ 2,000 Finish existing audio & video commercial for airing on Radio, T.V.
$ 10,300 Purchase printer fax machine, order & inventory management software.
$ 1,400 Commission package designer.
$ 5,000 Hire Celebrity to represent product and pay joint venture commission
$ 6,300 Order promotional graphics using low cost shoe string strategy.
$ 2,000 Finish existing audio & video commercial for airing on Radio, T.V.
$ 18,000 Order first 6 molding tools for initial sample production.
$ 10,800 Hire & train the handicap able, disabled, homeless vets and civilians.
$ 28,000 Inventory, components, packaging and set-up drop shipping transport.
$ 1,000 Confirm outsourced components manufacturing, distribution & packaging.
$ 9,600 Hire driver to transport & set up our displays.
$ 3,000 Commission clinical trials to document product benefits.

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