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  • 1,000,000 Canadian Smiles! :-D

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I will travel across Canada spreading smiles to over 1,000,000 people.

That's a lot of HAPPY people!! :-D

How and Why do I make people "happy"?

A lot of people really get caught up in their "routine".  They forget about the bigger picture and forget to appreciate what they've already got!  I surprise people in the middle of their lives and brighten up their day for a moment.  It switches them into positive mode and effects everything around them, improving their lives.

How am I going to reach 1,000,000 people?

After dancing in the streets of Vancouver for 2 years I am followed by over 10,000 people.  This is due to the way I effect peoples lives.  When they see someone who is high energy happiness, they can feel it too.  The positivity starts spreading to the people around and everyone remembers how great life is!

I would contact each areas media outlets about my arrival in their area!!

Community Benefit

The people of the community will feel inspired. - Children will go home trying to learn new dance moves. - Teens will learn that there is more to life. - Adults will see the potential energy one person can have!

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: I want to use the money to visit as many people as I can. I will be using an energy efficient vehicle I can sleep in. Fold up stage with signage. This stage will be part of my performances.
$ 9,000 Travel
$ 1,000 Spreading Message Stage

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