Bring together 200 insipring youth in Atlantic Canada StFX Enterprise Development Centre


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  • Inform local political and business leaders of the youth perspectives
  • Engage local political and business leaders in a dialogue with youth
  • Encourage youth empowerment, participation and creativity
  • Engage youth entrepreneurs in long-term community economic development
  • Youth to leverage provincial networks, knowledge and experience


The Atlantic Canada Youth Entrepreneurship Summit will be held at StFX from May 13-15, 2011. This inaugural youth summit will bring together 200 inspiring youth entrepreneurs, innovators, change makers and emerging leaders from age 15-29, from across the Atlantic Provinces. The focus of the Summit will be to exchange ideas and strategies on how to create a culture of innovative entrepreneurship that will lead to long-term economic development in their respective provinces. It will provide an opportunity for youth to build provincial networks of support and develop partnerships among peers and with established leaders.

Learning at the Summit is designed to help youth expand their knowledge, share their perspectives and experiences, contribute their ideas, and put their knowledge to use. The theme of the summit is “Transforming Ideas into Economic Opportunities”, fostering the transformation of local ideas and untapped assets into sustainable innovative economic opportunities.

Community Benefit

Youth employment and the associated out-migration is a major issue in Atlantic Canada, for leaders, and the community, as a whole. One of the greatest threats to non-metro communities is the loss of their youth. When youth leave a community, they, in many ways, take with them the future of that community. The engagement and involvement of youth in rural communities is crucial for the social and economic sustainability, and success of those communities going forward into the future. The Atlantic Canada Youth Entrepreneurship Summit will give youth the opportunity to engage in discussions around youth entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and long term community economic development in their communities. By contributing to provincial action plans, participants will be directly involved in making rural communities places where young people want to live, work and raise their family.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The total cost of the Summit is $105,281 Participants will pay only $220, including meals, accommodations, conference events, and evening social events. The $10,000 will be used for bursary applications, which will be available for those who would still be unable to attend for financial reasons.
$ 10,000 Bursaries for youth to attend the Summit

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