‘Spread the Music’ - Bringing Fiddle Music to Youth Across Canada Calgary Fiddlers Association


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  • Encourage youth across Canada to participate in music programs
  • Educate youth across Canada about fiddling
  • Expose youth to the CFA’s unique style of fiddling
  • Encourage friendship and community-building amongst youth
  • Enhance confidence and leadership skills with our own fiddlers

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The Spread the Music program will benefit youth in schools around Calgary and Canada by providing hands-on workshops in playing the fiddle, the spoons and the bohran. For many, this will be their first experience playing these instruments, but for some it will provide an enrichment opportunity to enhance their developing skill in the folk art of fiddling. We plan to also take our fiddle groups to Canadian areas where fiddling is a huge part of their history and culture, but where the lack of teachers and instructional opportunities puts fiddling at risk of dying out in those communities.

Fiddling has mirrored the cultural development of Canada and is one of the strongest and most original of the country's musical traditions. We feel very passionately that this art form should be preserved, promoted and shared with others wherever and whenever possible.

Community Benefit

The 'Spread the Music' campaign is meant to benefit youth in communities large and small and will provide an immense impact in communities by exciting and motivating young people to take part in local music programs. We hope to also get into communities where fiddling is a part of the history and culture of the area, but where lack of workshop and instructional opportunities means the music in those areas are at risk. Fiddling in and of itself is an activity of bringing people you and old together to share and enjoy. Community-building and friendship is a primary goal.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 15,000 Senior Staff Fees
$ 6,000 Intermediate Staff Fees
$ 1,550 Sound Gear Rental
$ 24,000 Bus Rental & Driver
$ 11,255 Meals (per diem)
$ 16,170 Accomodations
$ 18,500 Airfare
$ 1,832 Health Insurance/Cancellation
$ 880 Extra Baggage Fees
$ 4,813 Overhead & Miscellaneous Expense

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