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  • Raise $1 million to purchase new equipment for cancer treatment

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In February 2011, 40 brave men will lace up their skates to play in The World’s Longest Hockey Game to raise $1 million for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. For a 10-day period, these players will remain on site and take shifts in playing in the minus 50 degree Celsius weather for the 240+ hour game.

The funds will be used to purchase a Linear Accelerator (Linac), which is used in administering radiation therapies to cancer patients. The new machine will mean faster treatment, decreased waiting times and most importantly, improved patient outcomes for the 16,000 Albertans diagnosed with cancer each year.

To make this ambitious goal a reality, we need your support. These 40 players will endure excruciating physical pain, unbearably cold temperatures, and utter exhaustion to honor those touched by cancer. Like you, they each have their own different cancer stories, but the common goal remains the same; to put an end to cancer.

Community Benefit

This year, 16,000 Albertans will be diagnosed with cancer. At least 50% of those requiring treatment will undergo radiation, one of the most powerful tools available to kill cancer cells & shrink tumours. Because of fundraising events, such as the World's Longest Hockey Game, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has been able to ease the cancer journey for patients & their families. One central tool in that cancer journey is having access to world-class radiation equipment. 20 years ago, the Cross Cancer Institute bought two Linac machines, which are in desperate need of replacement. Thousands of Albertans access this unique treatment service every year- the Cross Cancer Institute delivered more than 65,000 radiation treatments in 2009 alone. That number is steadily increasing as we face a 70% increase in cancer incidence by 2015. Purchasing this new Linac will be critical in meeting this growing demand and continuing to provide exemplary care and hope to cancer patients here in Alberta.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The extensive amount of hrs necessary to build the rink & run the event by both skilled laborers & staff. In the past, players have sustained serious injuries (sever frostbite, loss of extremities) and require the attention of medical professionals, all of whom donate their time & services.
$ 40,000 Materials and supplies to build the rink
$ 25,000 Food for the players for ten days
$ 35,000 Equipment for the players

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