Replace the "Gracefully Aged" Playground at our Elementary SchoolSt. Bernadette School


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  • To replace our playground with one that meets current CSA Standards
  • To build a fun, safe place for our students to play
  • To revitalize the outward appearance of aging school
  • To contribute a safe playplace to our surrounding Communities

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Our project began simply with the goal of "repainting" our existing play structure.  However, this was not as simple as it seemed. Since our current structure was constructed prior to 1995 and no longer meets up to current safety standards repainting it is pointless.  The average lifespan of a playground is 15 to 18 years and even though ours has aged "gracefully" it is now time to retire it.  As a result we are left having to replace our entire structure.  Therefore, our goal is now to raise the $200,000 needed to construct a new structure through various fundraising efforts.  We desire to give our students a safe, fun place to play that will meet up to current safety standards.  We would like to show our students and the surrounding communities that we care about them and about our school by installing a new structure for everyone to use.    

Community Benefit

Our project will directly benefit our school community by giving our students a safe place to play. It will allow the students to have fun while being active. A playground in good repair will also demonstrate that we care about our school and our students and that even though our school may be small, we're still moving ahead and looking to the future. The neighborhoods and families surrounding our school will also be able to benefit from our project by having available a safe place to play after hours, evenings, weekends and holidays. This project will be able to serve not only our own school community, but the surrounding neighborhoods as well--it has the potential to benefit a large number of people.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This grant will not cover our dream of a "recycled tire" surface which comes at a cost of $70,000. It probably will not cover all of the expenses of removal and installation of new equipment.
$ 100,000 removal of old equipment, purchase of new equipment and installation

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