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  • Encourage fitness amongst all ages and abilities.
  • Promote family bonding while exercising.
  • Facilitate socialization with our neighbours.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle within the community.

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2010-2011 we are planning on developing/installing/opening a fitness trail/park for people of all ages. We have about 3 acres on the waterfront to develop this park.

To date, our subdivision has raised about $30,000 for this Fitness Trail/Park. By April 2011, this will be at about $60,000. We are planning on approaching the federal, provincial, and municipal governments for funding as well.  We received a guote of about $70,000 from Halifax Regional Municipality for just the development of the parking lot, park area, and trail through the woods.  With the trail fitness stations, we are looking at another $50,000. A park area for the smaller kids at the beginning will run us another $50,000. Of course, then we need ground coverage, signs, grass, picnic tables, benches along the trail, swings, bike rack, and yearly maintenance.

We see this fitness trail/park as the perfect solution to engage all ages in healthy active living.  Please support our project.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: We will have to find additional funding for grass, bike racks, picnic tables, rest benches, and yearly maintenance costs.
$ 50,000 10 Purchase/Installation of Fitness Trail Exercise Stations
$ 50,000 Purchase/Installation of Main Playground for Children/Teens

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