Small Town Hunger! Help stop retail food waste, Children are hungry!Elizabeth Duncan


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  • To deliver food to the front doors of families who are hungry!
  • To stop grocery retail waste and give to those in need!
  • To help as many children and their families to have food on the table

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  • Each year millions of dollars worth of food are just thrown out!  
  • Some that may expire in a few days, like a loaf of bread. 

 Grocery and Retail stores throw out food daily.  I want to work with food chains to stop the waste and have these items given to families who are hungry! In our local community alone, there are hundreds of families that have no food, their children go to school hungry as I did, as a child in Ontario! A good day was a mustard sandwhich for school lunch! It meant I would not be hungry today!  Children are our future, they need to know there are people out there who care!  I will with support purchase a second hand truck, work with the local grocery retailers and get this food out to the doors of families who are hungry! Even going to the food bank is hard when there is no vehicle to carry the food home! They work to pay bills and rent. There is no money left for food. Stop the hunger please!

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: My budget will not cover my own personal time. Volunteers time or gas money. Business license, any legal fees that are required, Long distance phone calls to families prior to delivery. Any other expenses incurred.
$ 3,000 Second hand truck for food delivery, with good winter tires.
$ 2,000 Monthly gas for delivery of food to families.Could be less or more.
$ 450 Monthly truck insurance, could be less.
$ 1,000 Advertising to families and communities in need.
$ 1,000 Printer, fax machine, cell phone, paper, envelopes etc...
$ 1,000 For recycle bins with lids to deliver food in.
$ 1,550 To purchase food items that are needed, which are not donated.

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