Bring FJH's Technology into this Century for my little brother!Sam Nielsen


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  • Update the ANCIENT computer lab plus additions to our Library!



FJH is a diverse jr school that has both a English and French immersion programs. We have an amazing group of teachers, administration & sports program but what the school lacks is updated technology. Our PSA is working hard to fund-raise for new computers, LDC projectors, screens and books but this takes time. I had three amazing years here but the lack of update equipment and research material has had an impact. As I move on to a brand 'new' high school I want my brother Jack to have as amazing experience at Jr High as I did but the chance for him and his friends to maybe even have a better experience. In the meantime those attending miss out! Improving our computer lab and broading our school library would make a huge difference to Jack's education and to his overall school experience and to all those 400 students attending next year and thereafter! I would love to be able to give something back to a school that has done lots for me!!

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: any wiring upgrades if necessary.
$ 8,000 10 Computers for Lab and 2 LCD projectors
$ 2,000 books, magazine subscriptions, newspapers subscriptions, etc

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