Development of the St-Vincent schoolyard in St-Césaire L'école St-Vincent


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  • Buy playground equipment
  • Development of a soccer field


This project aims to redevelop the playground of an elementary school in a low income area. And it should be added that the playground is open to all the citizens of the city outside of school hours.
Sports are important. We believe it is important to mention that the construction of a true soccer field will promote the benefits of physical activity. 
In the course of next year we hope to purchase new playground equipment to create an attractive park for elementary school children.
In addition, the construction of a soccer field will appeal to young and older boys whether they attend elementary school or not.
Moreover, we believe that when children are busy playing in the playground, conflicts are avoided and there is less bullying.

Community Benefit

As mentioned earlier, the community will have access to the playground after school hours, so they will have an recreation park where they can go and have fun with their children. They will also have access to a real soccer field where they can play a sport that is beneficial to their health. We believe we are filling a need for the entire community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget provided by this grant will allows us to purchase a single game module, but we hope to acquire at least two. Also the levelling of the soccer field is not included.
$ 50,000 buying a game module
$ 50,000 delimitation of the soccer field

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