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  • To bring the community together in a positive and creative way
  • To allow for safe play structures for all children.


The "Surfers Paradise Playground" will serve to bring our small rural town and outlying communities together as well as to provide a safe play area for all of our children.  It will also be able to accommodate our new Kindergarten children (kindegarten age children have not been part of the school program and are entering schools for the first time in September 2010).

- Playground to accommodate needs of 350 children aged 5-11.

- To provide a safe, healthy, active area for children and adults.

- Playground to include new age appropriate equipment, a walking/running track and an outdoor classroom.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: This wll cover puchasing new age appropriate equipment to ensure our playground meets safety standards.
$ 10,000 Playground Equipment

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