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  • To distribute 300 entrance tickets to high schools and senior centres
  • To develop their theatrical and musical knowledge

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Choeur Vives-Voix – A Semi-professional non-profit organization working in the field of musical theatre since 1992, composed of about 50 members with a passion for singing and theatre.  The choir was awarded different prizes including a cultural award by the City of Longueuil.

Arts and Culture are essential for people of all ages. We would like to help young people and seniors to develop their theater and musical skills starting with the  the production of the 19th century.

Our aim is to give 300 youths and seniors an opportunity to attend semi-professional musical theater performances for free.


For the first year, in April 2011,  we want to present a light operetta by Jacques Offenbach: Docteur Ox, inspired by the works of Jules Vernes and supported by an orchestra.


Choeur Vives-Voix, specialized in musical theatre, will present and introduce this important cultural genre in the high schools of the Monteregie and in senior centres.

Community Benefit

Choeur Vives-Voix, a company specialized in musical theater will introduce this important segment of culture to young people and seniors. This is one of the very few semi-professional musical theater who cover the production of the 1800’s. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for young people and for seniors to gain knowledge of this domain, at no cost, and accessible to everybody, no exception.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Thanks to the efforts of its members,Choeur Vives-Voix will invests close to 100 000$ every year in its productions with the goal of perpetuating the culture of semi-professional musical theatre.
$ 10,000 To cover the cost of 300 tickets that will be given for free

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